Beta testing

Beta testing is the second phase of software engineering, which includes real-world users to use the software in real time, early before the actual release of the software. It is sometimes considered as ‘Pre-release testing’ phase. The main goal of beta testing is to detect problems faced by real users’ perspective. These problems are not to be included in the final release of the software. Here we are making the process of beta testing much easier through structured test plans and pre-defined strategies with our experts.



In our beta testing process, we do this with pre-planned steps:


  • Pre-plan setting of the main goal,
  • Influencing and gathering real-users to use the software before launch,
  • Launching the product to that targeted users,
  • Collecting and evaluating the feedbacks,
  • Reaching a certain point testing is closed.



This helps with


  • Early detection of bugs,
  • Getting feedback during development,
  • Finding real-world compatibility,
  • Getting users’ advice,
  • Fixing bugs before release.

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