Cloud-Based Testing

Cloud-Based Testing 

UpDoer Technology's approach of testing the cloud will help you define a strategy that considers all aspects of your project to try it effectively. We adopt a progressive approach, which means we believe in the functional testing of your application and its non-functional elements and cloud-specific requirements.

Benefits Of Cloud testing

Cloud-based tools for test automation offer many benefits that go beyond those provided by traditional tools. Here's a few of them:

Why Choose UpDoer Technology For Cloud testing

One way to cut testing costs and save time is by scaling testing through the cloud. The advantage here is that it eliminates the resource needed for file sharing. Testing in the cloud also helps distributed teams test their applications against real-world people at any given time across many time zones. UpDoerTechnology helps you by lowering testing costs and allowing you to identify weaknesses or errors before bringing their applications to live on the market, which will reduce lost revenue due to outages or bugs not found by traditional software tester teams.

Testing of the whole cloud

We check the internal working of the cloud and then incorporate each of its features into our comprehensive cloud testing solution to keep our clients up to date.

Data Security

Cloud applications are multi-tenant, due to which there is always a risk of data theft. Our solution is to offer our clients an audit trail to ensure the security of their stored data.

Interoperability Testing

Our specialists perform interoperability testing to ensure that the software works flawlessly on various platforms and when moving to another cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Testing

It allows estimating how fast the failure can be indicated, the service restores availability, and whether data loss may occur, and how massive it might be.

Scalability Testing

As our customer base grows, we ensure that the service permits expansion of memory, storage volume, data volume, adding more users or servers, and flawless operation.

Multi-Tenancy Testing

Users may have different permissions on the cloud, so it is essential to ensure that all updates and changes are tested thoroughly before being made.

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