Negative Testing


It is an application or system testing method where the application’s plot is conforming to demands and take unwanted user behavior and input. It is a system that compares inserted invalid data against the given data. It is also named as testing of error path or failure testing.



We at Udoper, strongly use it to detect defects to improve the application’s quality and make the system more reliable and stable. It improves the application coverage’s testing.

Our dedicated team works on it to review those products negotiate properly with the situation which is not arranged. The structured aim of this testing is examined that how poor data is given by the system and exact errors are visible to the client when poor and bad data is listed or entered.

Scenarios of the negative test:


  • Textbox of the password should not receive less than six characters.
  • Textbox should not accept more than the character of 20.
  • Should not grant any special character.
  • Positive and negative both testing is equally important to improve software quality which we maintain strongly.

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