Positive Testing


It is a process to make it sure that the system does what it is assumed to do. It is the application authorized against the rational input data. The main purpose of positive testing is to survey whether the application not broadcasting any error when not expected and showing error in expected times. We use this testing always to prove that given project and the product meets always the specification and requirements.


Our mostly used positive testing is boundary testing. Because it is must be worked to validate where all valid data are possible forms and accepted by the software system. Users are able to put any data which they want invalid input area.


Positive testing is normally done in functional testing and QA mentors professional helps us with some plans or activities like



We perform Postive testing in following order :


  • Review the design specification and functional requirements.
  • Develop test cases and plan.
  • Execute plan.
  • Logging defects.
  • Reset fixed issued.

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